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Why Do Companies Use Consultants?

Many SMMEs do not think about using a Consultant to help them with a business challenge. It may not always be apparent to them what a Consultant can do for their business. Below we highlight some of the reasons companies use Consultants.

1. Consultants provide an independent view

Businesses work with Consultants to help them see what they can’t. When you work on solving a problem for too long, it can be challenging to see the solution. Additionally, often clients have an idea about how to solve a particular problem but would like an independent view or second opinion on their proposed solution. As Consultants work with many clients, it is possible that they have seen a similar problem before.

2. Access to a specialised skills set

Many Consulting firms specialise in specific areas. Firms use Consultants when they require specific skills to help solve specific problems. For example, at Boraine Consulting, we assist our clients with strategy. We use a research-driven approach to do so, ensuring that our clients are able to navigate their market environment.

3. Flexibility

Sometimes companies need an ‘extra pair of hands’ to help with a project for a period of time, but don’t need the help indefinitely. Many companies choose to work with Consultants instead of employing staff, so that they finish the project but also have the flexibility of scaling back after.

4. Save money

Using a Consultant can actually save you money. For example, if you want to increase revenue or decrease your costs and your Consultant can help solve this problem, it can save your business money.

Running a business is challenging and sometimes you need help - Consultants can fill this gap. Could this be an option for your business or organisation?


We have recently opened our Personal One-on-One Consulting service to a limited number of individuals at a reduced rate. For more information, please click here.

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