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The Importance of Customer Service

A good customer service experience is important for every small business no matter the industry. Having a small business is challenging enough and the customer service experience has a substantial influence on the success of a business. When it comes to customer service, consistency is key for building trust. Keep in mind that trust takes time to build, and one bad experience can ruin that trust, so again, consistency is key. A consistent positive experience ensures that customers will continue to come back.

Good customer service is an excellent business differentiator

This is especially true in a time where many SMEs are not focusing on this area. A hands-on and personable approach will ensure that customers will continue to support your business should you find yourself in a tough economic climate, such as the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on several businesses. Going above and beyond will likely result in having loyal customers. Having a reputation for good customer service will result in new customers seeking your business out, which becomes important in the event your industry becomes saturated.

Customers are willing to pay more to businesses that offer better customer service

Individuals are often loyal to certain brands because of a single positive experience. That one positive experience sold the brand image, the mission, and the values of the business. You will not only have happy and loyal customers, but also brand ambassadors that will help you build a strong reputation.

Small businesses tend to have tight budgets and do not always have the financial resources for large marketing campaigns. Word-of-mouth remains a fool-proof way of advertising and growing your business. A combination of quality goods and services as well as good customer service will bring in referral business at a low cost to the business; and with social media, word gets around faster than ever.

Customer service in a small business has a more substantial impact than at a big company

Many businesses might assume that the smaller you are, the less your reputation matters. However, the smaller your business, the harder you need to fight to build a strong reputation. This not only increases the strength of your brand, but will lead to positive customer experiences, client referrals, and help potential customers buy from you (the little guy) because your reputation and customer loyalty says all it needs to say about your business. Customer service should be a top priority.

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