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Industry Vertical Mapping Project

We recently completed a consulting project in the UK. We worked with our client to do the following:

1. Map out the various industry verticals in which the firm operates to ensure consistency in the understanding of the various verticals.

2. Understand key stakeholders across the industry verticals, including major corporate partners, regulators, and investors.

3. Use the mapping to identify opportunities for synergies and building competitive advantage.

If you need assistance with market intelligence to better navigate your current industry environment or understand your competitive landscape, contact us today. Click here for more information about our services.

To access our free business health check tool, click the link to complete the form.

By answering 25 questions (approximately 5 minutes), we can provide an indication of where your business is performing well and where you may need improvement across 10 business areas. These areas include Marketing, Sales, Profit, Strategy and Technology, to name a few.


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