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Getting Your Business Online

Having an online presence is important and becoming increasingly important. The type of online tools and applications you use will depend on the goals and objectives of your business. Below are some tips and best practices related to your online presence.

1. Keep it simple

User-friendly sites encourage customers to stay on the site longer. Most customers will decide whether they want to browse and purchase within minutes. Study the data from your website to determine how long visitors stay on your site, and continue to test and learn.

2. Embrace the digital storefront

Allowing customers to purchase your products directly from your website makes it easier for your customers to buy directly from you. Furthermore, enable site search so that customers can search for specific items. Showing the most relevant products will greatly increase the likelihood that they’ll make it to checkout.

3. Content is key

Content gives customers a reason to stay on your site, because site visitors might not want to buy right away. It is important to plan what people will see and do when they visit your website.

4. Start small, then expand

First put up the basics on your site, such as products, services, trading hours, offerings, testimonials, and contact information. Other features such as bookings, memberships, and subscriptions can be added at a later stage, unless it’s a focus of your business.


To access our free business health check tool, click the link to complete the form.

By answering 25 questions (approximately 5 minutes), we can provide an indication of where your business is performing well and where you may need improvement across 10 business areas. These areas include Marketing, Sales, Profit, Strategy and Technology, to name a few.

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