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The Importance of Client Feedback

How do you know whether your business is adding value? When was the last time you asked clients for feedback? Could your clients give you some insight to improve their experience?

Why should you get feedback from clients? 1. Client feedback helps to improve your product or service. Many companies create a product or offer a service based on market research. Once they launch their product or service, they do not continue to understand their market to find out what can be improved. Your clients can give you great insight into what is working and what can be improved. 2. It shows that you value their opinion. If you ask your clients what they think and do something about any feedback they give you, they will feel valued. 3. It improves client retention. It is better to know that your client is not satisfied while they are still your client rather than them leaving and you finding out after the fact. The more proactive you are about gathering feedback, the better it will be for your client retention. 4. It is a tool for winning new clients. If your clients are comfortable with you sharing their feedback publicly, it can attract new clients. People trust reviews and will be more open to working with you if they see someone else has had a good experience.


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