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Free Business Health Check

SMME owners frequently experience challenges, however, do not always know where to start and which areas of the business they need to focus on to address these challenges. To overcome this hurdle, we use a business diagnostic tool with some of our clients to understand their strengths and challenges.

We usually only make it available to our clients, however, we have now made the diagnostic available publicly for a limited time only.

By answering 25 questions (approximately 5 minutes), we can provide an indication of where your business is performing well and where you may need improvement across 10 business areas. These areas include Marketing, Sales, Profit, Strategy and Technology, to name a few.

The results from the diagnostic will assist in determining a starting point for making improvements in your business.

To access the diagnostic, click here to complete the form.


Boraine Consulting is an independent boutique accounting and consulting firm operating in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Our research-driven process serves as the foundation of our consulting services, and provides our clients with the necessary context, intelligence, and key implications to navigate the market environment.

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