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The importance of communication between manager and employee

I have seen both good and bad communication between managers and employees, however this is an area every organization can work on and improve.

Many companies are now heading into review season where managers and employees sit down and discuss what went well this year, what the development areas are and what goals the employee has for the coming year. Too many times I've seen and heard some horror stories when it comes to reviews. Some companies only have these conversations with staff once a year and that is a recipe for disaster. The manager and employee will not be on the same page regarding performance which will lead to a lot of friction. The year end review should be a summary of the discussions that have been happening throughout the year.

What are some things you can do to help with communication between you and your team?

  1. Have a regular time (monthly or biweekly) to discuss performance and other areas with every staff member. As your organization grows, encourage your management team to do so.

  2. Document the discussion so that you can refer to it in future

  3. Hold each other accountable for the goals set and the commitments made

  4. Be honest and candid in your feedback- this is feedback to the manager and the employee

Communication sounds like a minor challenge/ issue, but it can make or break your organization. Even the best companies acknowledge the need for continuous, open and timely feedback.

Have a great day.

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