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Connect with your existing clients

Without clients, there is no business. How do you connect with your existing clients and ensure that you are offering them the best possible service? When was the last time you sent a survey or personally made a call to a client and asked for feedback? To ensure that you don't run the risk of losing your client because someone else is offering something better, always stay in communication to find out what they need.

Once your business scales, it can be a challenge to stay connected to every client. However, this has to be a top priority. As mentioned in a previous post, it is a lot harder and more expensive to gain a new client than it is to keep an existing one.

You've already got the client and the relationship, now stay connected to them to ensure retention.

Contact Boraine Consulting if you need assistance with how you can stay connected to your clients. We can also look after your accounting or provide an independent view on a business challenge/ project.

Have a good day!

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